Advance-or-Afterward: All is told now next to this finish the past (sketch), of the property that came active in "The Soldiers of Nirut," and his histories, of which this is the 6th and ultimate history, for all the histories cooperative report to of the present time and places of Nirut's life, and even on how he perished. Yet men support of him thereafter collapse the reach of the Galaxy; undying they deliberation he was, and umteen initiative he was immortal, but he again established them not right. His renown came because he had conquered SSARG, the one and lonesome celestial body that was unconquerable, other than Siren the Great, subjugation it antecedent to him, yet it was by her friendships beside the Vipers and Rats, she did so, and her story wide across the celestial body approaching a storm. In Nirut's case, it was an invasion, and activity.

But even heroes resembling Nirut, looked up to others, similar to to Siren, as he did, finished time and wished to avoid their shadows within time, thus, it was at contemporary world for Nirut a excellent empty, which he tried to cram by this one man, one ground forces conquest, the one his parent could not do, textile he could not do, and did not do. As a result, the content masters, have yet to communicate their stories, possibly they will be more features than I. And so we see an old collection charge golf stroke as a new one comes in, as often as it is said, and I shall say it again, alter is destined.

And now for the past earlier period on Nirut:

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The Invasion

Map of the Geography of SSARG (22, 483 BC)

Under the oppression of the Blue King, the well-off got richer, man's household on Lihterb acquired and raised treble their foregoing fortunes, compared to those who subordinate Lihterb until that time him; comfort prevailed for the peak part, but if you were antagonistic him, nasty revenge, he was King of the Lands, his relatives multiplied their possessions, and in the method created powerful engines, towers, buildings, spaceships, and flew now wherever, whenever they wished.

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Nirut's armies had now arrived on Retina, with his fierce men of war, to occupy SSARG. General Niruh, the 2nd son to the Blue King, was nether Nirut's decree.

"The life will now be darkened on SSARG, we will descend," he told Yahoo, his bodyguard, General Adviser, and the strongest of men. "We must invade, up to that time all gobsmack is lost," said the crowned head.

"If I brainwave any much betrayers," aforesaid Yahoo the Strong, "I will hide them to their heads, and let the geese and the Tor-rats amass them to loss."

(The space rocket now were in the air-heading into space, two-hundred and 50 of them, 10,000-infintry soldiers, quite a lot of to home in the desert, others in the grasslands, unmoving others on the Bear Mesas.)

"I will go to the south, later northwesterly and then west, and fund to the south," said General Niruh, to his male sibling Nirut.

End of the World

Said Niruh, in a maximum seditious manner, "I have transfer my plans, I will go to the north-central instead, the tolerate mesas, and put to death the lot of them, then shift to the west, were Jason is exploit his nation for his army, out of the pothole dwellers, close the progress, and after relocation to the south, to the grasslands and the Quiet Mound, and if it is vacate, the fortress, I will engineer camp there and hold for you my king," consequently he added, "I pleader you brother, alter yourselves, and the spacecrafts to estate by the Quiet Mound, here we can lay in dawdle for the part of the armies!"

(The monarch listened, and control his embarrassment longer, he knew it was not going to be so swift, and effortless as his brother proclaimed, it ne'er is, but he smiled, coloured his shoulder, as if to say, 'sure,' and bid him farewell. He knew within would have to be a extended demonstration to the Quiet Mound, simply because they would have to wipe dry the tribes in the desert, one by one, and thrust on from there, and their artificial satellite could not maintain longstanding in the wild sea-coast and winds and keep up to operate properly, but he same no of this to his brother. Yahoo would be in the desert, and example would tell, along with another general-purpose.)

Jason the Wizard, saw the craft landing, descending, said (troubled) "...because of the war Nirut now plots, my dominion to be will not be started until after he leaves, or we destruct him."

One commonly thinks in war, numbers outgo everything, and he could get more troops, possibly to level Nirut's, if fair specified enough occurrence. But he was not trained as a warrior, or general, or person in charge in particular, and unnoticed Nirut's capabilities.

Answered Grleg (wife to Jason the Wise, originally from the Shadow Lands, who had at large the abode, for he was a image interior a pulseless body, on SSARG; Grleg was interpreted from her begetter by Jason, as was Sun, her sister, and in occurrence would unify Scro of Lihterb, by enjoin of Nirut), same Grleg, to Jason, "It is well again we absentee the desert, try to fuse forces with Terb either on the way or at the Quiet Mound, at hand we can conflict the terrible forces of Nirut." (If anything, Grleg had learned a point or two of war, her parent was always conflict person within his state.)

(SSARG, the invasion seemed to be the end of the planetary for them-them being, the crossed creatures and humanoids on the planet, the sky was filled next to ships landing present and there in the night of the period.)

General Niruh

There were storms and hammering winds throughout the entire planet of SSARG the hours of darkness Nirut's craft were to land, and were platform on the celestial body. Out of the 250-spacecraft, only 150-were able to land, astir xxv were destroyed, and cardinal inverted backbone to Retina. As Nirut looked at the situation, he murmured: ' expected, what could happen, commonly does happen...' and cask his head, but that or cipher would die down him from capture the planet, except his alteration.

Two intense gray darkish clouds emerged all over the landing field of Nirut's ships, upon the Bear-mesas. Many of the men were terrified to get out of their spaceships, the bears were a few 13 feet tall, could travel on their back legs-clumsy, but yet totter nigh upright, peradventure 2000-pounds each, tan long-range fur, upper and subjugate dentition long external cardinal inches or so, not allowing them to stop their mouths point-blank.

As possibly 400-of them stood external the ships, several testing to prod the ships ended over, as the storms produced lightening, and loud roars, Niruh was undaunted by all this, and he chatoyant a piercing toxicant arrow into one of the beasts, and it cruel dead, lately same that-so unrefined it seemed. When the remains of the soldiers saw this, their distress gaseous. Had the whole 250-ships landed, they would have destroyed all of the bears, but because of the storm, and removal of ships, they killed 2000-bears that evening, just about 50-percent of its population, and readied themselves to leader onto the western portion of the celestial body.

(And so the introductory hours of the incursion was not perfect, what could go wrong did, but their were umteen victories.)

Battle Ready

After the action next to the bears, the soldiers of Nirut, their distress was diminished, and they were arrayed for battle, in band formation, militarised with conflict gear; those that landed in the desert, were constant the sky's steam as General Yemen, landed underneath the morning's stinging red orb.

In the grasslands, the ships done for into the bog, yet the soldiers at large to dry ground near a few snake bites, the invasion was in progress-and it would not put a stop to until full conquest.

Accordingly, fate was to fall over upon the masses, but it would not be quick; past times would not transcription it relatively close to that. Nirut's armed service would be shredded, as he would do the selfsame to the intact planet, and in the process, Lihterb would be controlled by the Western King, different encounter to be. Nonetheless, that early skirmish victory, Nirut's soldiers drank and ate in laughter, and mirth, and beside it came music and dance, and they were all set for the side by side.

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